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Texas A&M University, Spring 2020

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Student FAQ

Am I prepared mathematically for 206?

The pre-requisite for this course is either MATH 151 "Engineering Mathematics" or MATH 171 "Analytic Geometry and Calculus". You must have a working knowledge of plane geometry, trigonometry, and algebra. As the semester progresses you will also be expected to have a working knowledge of derivatives and integrals, and be proficient in the use of vectors (addition, subtraction, dot and cross products).

Below are some simple math quizzes that you may want to try to test how prepared you are for this course — without a calculator! They are not mandatory, but you should try them no matter what you think your background is; they should only take 10–15 minutes each. If you can get over 80% of them relatively easily within ~15 minutes, you should be okay. If not, you are probably below average with respect to the math background for this class and you should work at making sure you master the basics (trigonometry, geometry, algebra, differentiation and integration—everything in Appendix B of the textbook) ASAP.

Preparedness quizzes

Quiz #1:   the test answer key
Quiz #2:   the test answer key
Quiz #3:   the test answer key
Quiz #4:   the test answer key
Quiz #5:   the test answer key
Quiz on differentiation:   the test answer key
Quiz on integration:   the test answer key