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Texas A&M University, Spring 2021

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Weekly schedule

Below is roughly the schedule of the material in PHYS 206. Your instructor may go a little faster or slower depending on, among other things, your feedback. The sections listed are the only ones from which material will be tested on the exams; if a section isn't listed, you are not required to learn it. All sections of PHYS 206 will have common exams with each one covering chapters in the textbook as listed below.

Week Date Topic Sections in text
1.Jan 19–22Introduction, vectors and math reviewChp 1: §1–7
Mon Jan 25 @ 5:00 pm **    Deadline to add or drop a course     **
2.Jan 25–29Motion along a straight lineChp 2: §1–4
3.Feb 1–5Motion in 2 and 3 dimensionsChp 3: §1–3
Fri Feb 12
6:00–8:00 pm
COMMON EXAM IChapters 1–3
4.Feb 8–12Newton's laws of motionChp 4: §1–8
5.Feb 15–19
6.Feb 22–26Further application of Newton's lawsChp 5: §1–3, 5
7.Mar 1–5Work, kinetic energy and the work-energy theoremChp 6: §1–4
Fri Mar 12
6:00–8:00 pm
COMMON EXAM IIChapters 4–6
8.Mar 8–12Conservative forces, energy and conservation of energyChp 7: §1–3
9.Mar 15–19Centre of mass, (conservation of) momentum and collisionsChp 8: §1–4
Mar 19–21Spring "Break"
10.Mar 22–26Rotation of rigid bodies; moments of inertiaChp 9: §1–3
11.Mar 29–Apr 2Newton's 2nd law for rotation; torque and angular momentumChp 9: §4–6; Chp 10: §1–2
Fri Apr 9
6:00–8:00 pm
12.Apr 5–9Conservation of angular momentum; static equilibriumChp 10: §3; Chp 12: §1–3
13.Apr 12–16Gravity, satellite motion and Kepler's LawsChp 11: §1–4
Fri Apr 23
6:00–9:00 pm
14.Apr 19–23Contingency and/or review
15.Apr 26–29Simple harmonic motion, pendulaChp 14: §1–6